Birdhouse Property Developer

Birdhouse Property DeveloperYou’re in the property flipping game, but for birdhouses. Buy a birdhouse, repair and improve it and sell it to some cute birds for a profit. Work your way up the property ladder until you can buy your dream house. Mouse controls only. Click the “Buy” buttons, choose a house, make improvements then click “Sell” to pick the best offer for your property.Highscore will be submitted when you buy a “Mansion” class home, score is based on how few in game weeks it takes you to make enough money to buy a mansion.*TIPS* Buy all “Essential” upgrades to get the best price for your house.Different birds will give you more money for upgrades they like. eg if you buy items owls like, they will likely give you a better offer*Bugs* that I have seen so far, sometimes when clicking in the buy or sell windows, the click goes through the layers to the main window, and vice versa. Can lead to clicking buttons you didn’t want. sorry for that, hoping to fix some other time.Just be careful of the new game button, it will wipe the saved data with one clickCollision polygon for birds and houses is wrong shape, requires tweeking

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