Las Vegas Nudgathon Slots

Las Vegas Nudgathon SlotsLas Vegas Nudgathon Slots Game – Store Nudges and Win Multiple Times.
New: Random Nudges and Random Holds..
Store Nudges and Win Multiple Times.
Match 3 Fruit or Lucky 7’s across the Middle Line to Win.
Funky Awesome Soundtrack.
Fruit = 1275 Coins.
Lucky 7’s = 3000 Bonus Coins.
Bonus Jackpots, Coin Display, Bank, Real Slot Machine Sound FX.
Exit on Back Button or Menu.
*Unlimited Spins. Unlimited Play. Start with 5000 Coins and Play Forever.*
*No In-App Purchases. No Permissions Required.*

DEMB Simulator

DEMB SimulatorAs the only true packaging simulator, this game emulates the inspiring and refreshing duties which lies inside a pallet factory. Left Mouse Button – Grab&PlaceESC – Back to Menu

Who’s knocking the door?

Who's knocking the door?This funny little memory game was made especially for children from 2 to 7 to learn to match funny character pairs in a nice area: in Alpine Crocodile’s home. The game is based on the Alpine Crocodile story book what is available for free and bring the nice animal characters like Hippo, Giraffe, Lion or Zebra to an easy to use kids game.Can you find the pairs behind the doors in this memory game?To get started click on the Easy level menu button in the bathroom, where our Crocodile is just washing his armpits, and enjoys a huge foam when someone knocking on the door. Who could it be? The postman or milkman? You’ll play through the Croco’s thoughts and dreams, while he stumbles to the door to open it.For more fun and for adults the Medium or Hard level could be a good challange too…Features:- 3 difficulty levels (6-24 cards)- funny, nice animal characters- very easy to use interface- personal highscore savingUpdates:- background bug fixed- washing machine sound bug fixed Simply use your [Mouse Left Button] for level selection and for select doors to open.